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Are you searching for an IT specialist for your project? We recruit high-calibre personnel for temporary, contract and permanent roles on a local, national and international basis.


The User-centered design (UCD) process outlines the phases throughout a design and development life-cycle all while focusing on gaining a deep understanding of who will be using the product.


We are marketing products/services by using top-notch and innovative digital technologies.


We produce modern responsive homepages (online shops, forums, photo galleries, blogs etc.) for the needs of all kinds of organizations using content management systems and other techniques. Search engine optimization is always included in our service.


Do you need training for your staff? We provide training and technical assistance for basic use of a computer and/or the management of an application. Help is also available for digital photography and image editing.


All kind of graphics, photos, animations, videos, quizzes, games, brochures, texts, etc. can be produced on the websites and other media channels. Social media is also a familiar environment for us :)




Auditing gives you a great overall picture of the service and offerings from customer’s perspective. The first impression of a hotel experience is affected by various factors, such as interior, surroundings and the employees. The customer's view of the services often deviates from the views of the staff. Therefore, it is good to have external testers who find out business disadvantages. A comprehensive evaluation report on the current level of accommodation can, in the best possible case, strengthen the company's cash flow when business maladministrations are revealed.

For example, our experienced testers can be completely anonymous users of accommodation services, and the various hotels in the hotel chain are not aware of their actions. This will provide a realistic overview of the areas that should be addressed to improve services.

We always test the security of your local area network and investigate any other potential security risks.


Does the food meet the quality requirements? Was the service high standard? We get answers to these and many other questions. First step is to create a package with the client company that includes all tested areas in the restaurant activities. Then we use modern software and hardware to produce extensive business improvement reports. These reports are customised for your business only and designed to be a new guidelines to your existing business plan.


We can organize the testing of tourism activities in Finland and abroad for your company. Producing presentations and reviews with pictures / videos on different platforms is a big visible part of a company's marketing. Your brand is what makes you different from the competition.

Having an online presence in today’s society is more important than we can stress. Digital branding develops a business identity, visibility and credibility in the community that interacts with the business online or through other digital mediums. This makes digital branding essential for creating and establishing a brand's story and presence in the digital world.


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Nova Empiria is a Finnish startup company. We provide comprehensive services for the new digital era. These services include consulting, personnel services, content production, training services, web design, e-communication and digital marketing. Purchasing, sales, logistics, import and export duties in various fields are part of the activity too. Nova Empiria can also engage in rental of machinery, real estate and equipment. Company can own and buy properties, shares, securities, assets and trade them.


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ICT System Specialist


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Marketing Coordinator

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IT Support Technician

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